Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you Warm tonight??

Over at Karla's Korner, "30 days of Thanksgiving" is inspiring us all to remember the many "Thankfulness" we each have in our daily lives. What are you Thankful for? Last night as I was walking the "Girls" (my two little dachshunds), I was looking up at the stars, thinking how beautiful they were and I remembered that "God has named them one by one." I thought, WOW! He knows them one by one as He knows each of us... Thanks God, that you know what needs each of us has... may we all reach out with a smile, a hug, a simple note to someone that might need to know we're thinking of them, just like God is thinking of us...
with Love,


  1. Nice post..I love stargazing..Got your comment over at my place. Unfortunately...I do not live near the sea :( it is just something that
    I have an interest in...I live in Ohio, near
    Lake Erie....that is as close to water I get..
    it is just a dream, to sit and crochet by the ocean, and look for treasures.....


  2. Oh what a sweet thankful post. I loved the end passing your thankful heart on to Bless someone else.
    You blessed me.