Monday, November 2, 2009

A Thankful Heart

Hello Everyone!! Please stop by Karla's Blog to share in 30 days of Thanksgiving.... There is so much to be thankful for. My Blessings of my family. Friends that I know that are praying for us without us even asking. Our health, jobs, home, our church family, wonderful friends, the list goes on and on. I'm thankful for the Internet and all the social media that abounds I've love being able to reconnect with friends from years gone by and to meet and chat with people from across the states and even other countries... it has made the world a much more smaller place. Thank You God for all the wonderful friends I have met this way.
With Thanksgiving on it's way and Christmas just around the corner, be sure to plan out what crafts you'll be working on, get instructions you'll need, supplies ordered and work on them a little each day. It won't be so overwhelming and you will have more time to relax and enjoy the holidays. The weather was so nice today and I was outside walking around the yard with the "girls", my little dachshunds, praising God for the beautiful day, doing a little weeding, thinking about what I want to plant, move or change this coming spring... it just was wonderful to enjoy the day... so go and be creative, enjoy, enjoy and give thanks....

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  1. Faith,
    Found your blog off of Karla's blog....your name caught my eye.....for I too am a Faith....
    nice to meet you... now is a good time to be thinking about the spring garden, my 2nd favorite time of year...I love the fall....
    have my seed packets and catalogs right here on the desk...and am pondering what I will do for next season... Have a great day..